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Coffee, Pause, Digest: the OneStep CPD Blog

Rose Moss of Leader's Digest talks what are Ofsted Deep Dives and what are the priorities when Ofsted come to look at foundation subjects.

Three teachers share their experience of what CPD looks like in their school and why it is falling short of standards.

What professional development is available to Teaching Assistants? In this blog we discuss the 5 ways OneStep can provide the professional development every Teaching Assistant deserves.

What is a TeachMeet? Why attend one? What is better: physical or digital? Sally Hill discusses her experience of TeachMeets here, as well as our next TeachMeet on physically active learning.

With funding and time pressures in schools, cost-effective, relevant CPD is essential. The most effective CPD takes place in class time by finding out what works for teachers and their pupils.

OneStep CPD champions authors, teachers and pedagogists through our strategies, allowing everyone to test ideas and adopt what works. Our blog does the same, providing a platform for anyone with an interest in education to share good practice and great ideas.

All opinions are those of the author and not necessarily OneStep CPD.

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