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Control your teaching career with tailored CPD

Empowering teachers - control your own development

OneStep CPD gives you access to over 150 action-research based 6-week strategies, helping you take control of your own development by creating a fully bespoke CPD plan.


First, decide which one area to work on - choose from over 150 academically informed classroom-based strategies. Then write a plan of action, including what success looks like.


Next, implement this strategy consistently in your classroom. Record progression weekly using your online progress tracker and upload evidence to support your findings.


Once complete, you can evaluate the impact your CPD initiative made to your teaching and pupils. Decide how you’ll use this knowledge and upload any final evidence.

“I could immediately relate the strategy to my own practice - it was straightforward to apply.” Primary teacher, Sheffield

How does it work?

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Online access to over 150 strategies based on academic and proven methods.
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Choose one to put into place in your classroom for 6 weeks.
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Update progress tracker weekly and fill in a mid-point review
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Evaluate on your initiative after 6 weeks and upload evidence.
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Teachers receive a case study as a certificate of their CPD.

Want to know more?

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