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About Us

Twinkl Founders Jon & Susie SeatonTwinkl began life in 2010 and quickly became the trusted partner for teachers - our brand is now the go-to place for lessons, worksheets and displays.
We regularly talk to customers about the issues they face and as a result of these conversations, we began to understand that CPD often misses the mark. What teachers really wanted was actionable CPD that was relevant to them and their careers.
The Twinkl brand exists to help those who teach, so we were determined to provide an innovative solution to this CPD issue.

Tried and tested by a team of experienced teachers

Your OneStep CPD teamTo do this, we spent a year developing our CPD product. The project was led by a team of experienced teachers, including an ex-CPD lead. This team took the time to explore teachers’ frustrations and also discover exactly what SLT members wanted from CPD. This insight helped us identify exactly what makes good CPD. We then set about creating it!
Our team tested our ideas three times over three half-term periods. This thorough process involved 21 teachers - in locations around the world - to ensure our product would help teachers with their professional development.
What emerged from this research is OneStep CPD: a hub of professional development that has been rigorously tested and fully teacher approved. This is a bespoke service, heavily influenced by the action-research models used by universities, and is created to help teachers tackle their development aims, one step at a time. 
Our classroom-based strategies are all inspired by (and champion) the work of authors, academics and teachers, providing the very best range of CPD initiatives.

Bringing innovation and change to CPD.

OneStep wants to change the conversations around CPD. We’re doing this by challenging misconceptions around professional development and also by encouraging schools to embrace an investigative culture, helping them to really find out what works and why.
Every teacher, classroom and child is different and we know that there isn’t one strategy that will work for all. However, the bespoke OneStep process enables you to find out what works for you and your pupils, helping to build your teaching arsenal one step at a time. With this unique bank of knowledge, you can respond to new and future challenges with tried and tested strategies.

Finally, more about the 21 teachers who tested OneStep CPD.

This clever bunch used our project to empower their own professional development. They made tweaks, retained bits they liked and dropped bits they didn’t. The results speak for themselves: two teachers have successfully used their OneStep CPD case studies for their appraisals, and a third used her case study to share good practice in her school (her strategy is now a non-negotiable).
Most impressively, all 21 teachers are still using OneStep strategies in their classrooms, and want to repeat the process to add even more skills to their arsenal. OneStep CPD works!
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