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    Gemma Corby @SENDgems 

    What is this strategy about?

    Learn all about how Small changes can help pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition feel more confident, more part of the class and able to progress more. Our autism CPD for teacher will help equip you with great strategies  that will help adapt your lessons and teaching style accordingly. We know not every teacher, class or child is the same so our strategies are here to help. They've all of course been designed and made by experienced teachers, so you can rest assured you'll be learning professional and valuable techniques that'll transform your teaching!

    Why is it important for teachers to have an in-depth understanding of autism?

    It's essential that teachers are open and receptive to the signs and characteristics of the autism spectrum. Without a proper understanding of the condition, you won't be able to give the autistic children in your class the correct support they need.  That's why we've developed a range of autism CPD for teachers wanting to develop and gain a better understanding of the spectrum.

    You may also find our one-to-one tuition strategy handy to read if you'd like to combine a smaller way of teaching autistic children. Or try our Checklist for effective differentiation strategy to successfully support all your class and each of their individual needs and abilities.

    How does autism affect communication?

    For children with autism, communication development happens differently because of the sensory challenges associated with the disorder. So, autistic children might be slower to develop language skills and can struggle to understand what others are saying to them.

    So everybody's needs are well adapted for and to help create a calm and safe learning environment for all children you could try our Positivity strategy, to help all children feel valued and confident.

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    - Support pupils in your class with a diagnosis of autism
    - Support pupils who show signs of autism

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