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  1. Strategy Overview

    Strategy Source

    Doug Lemov 

    What is this strategy about?

    This strategy is all about improving how you show pupils what's expected of them clearly. It's a great way to keep on them on track to achieve the objectives and goals for your lessons.

    What is a success criteria?

    Success criteria are a list of features used to determine if or how students have met what is expected of them during lessons. Using a success criterion is a quicker way for teachers to understand what they need to see in children's work for them to meet their targets and objectives. You can choose to assess their success by using self assessment tools or peer assessment, you could try both for a varied approach.

    Usually a success criterion would be established right at the beginning of a lesson so children know the objectives and aims for the lesson. It's a great incentive for students to work more productively as it gives children a clear goal to reach at the end of the lesson. It also gives children and teachers the chance to positively reflect whilst also using constructive feedback to help children progress. It will also give children a clear overview of everything they've learnt for that lesson.

    You can use a success criterion for any subject and topic which is great for primary and secondary school students who take numerous classes to keep on track with their progress. 

    How can I use a success criteria?

    Sometimes, you may see a success criteria in the form of WALT or WILF, which means we are learning to and what I'm looking for. Using this method is great to engage children and give them clear goals. You could try using these at the beginning of the lesson for children to fill out, so they know what you're wanting them to achieve and learn.

    Try these editable WALT and WILF display signs from Twinkl to implement this idea.

    Why is success criteria important?

    It's a way of allowing the teacher and student to make judgments on the quality of student learning. It's also great to ensure children fully understand what they're getting out of the lesson and why it's important for their progress. It will also give your students a sense of achievement and pride knowing they did what was asked of them for that lesson.

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  2. Choose this strategy if you want to...
    - Pupils to produce higher quality work
    - Feedback to be quicker and easier as the criteria is clear
    - Pupils get used to this structure and will become more confident in analysing good work

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