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  1. Strategy Overview

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    Jonathan Firth

    What is this strategy about?

    This strategy will show you how to use spacing and interleaving to help students draw contrasts and better understand related material. Spacing and interleaving is all about regular, sustained practice of many topics and skills.

    What is spacing?

    Spacing is leaving time between learning and practice. To successfully use spacing educators would teach a topic or multiple topics intensively with breaks in between. Having breaks is an effective way to ensure children have retained all the information and avoids overworking them.

    What is interleaving?

    'Interleaving' is teaching one topic and then revisiting previous topics. It overall results, it's great for helping children retain more information successfully whilst helping increase focus. Used in conjunction with 'spacing' and 'retrieval' (revisiting and refreshing a previously learned piece of information), it can be an effective learning tool. It is less likely to work in most subjects where lessons are more spread out - careful consideration is needed in subjects where knowledge has less foundation, such as MFL or technology.

    What are the benefits of using interleaving?

    By using these methods it's proven that children have a better ability to recall information they've learnt. By combining the two it allows for teaching that is spread out in multiple sessions. Using this method can help children learn numbers, words, images and many more in greater detail - making it great for an array of subjects or topics.

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  2. Choose this strategy if you want to...
    - Improve pupils' ability to retain new information
    - Cover several (similar)  chunks of learning in one go

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