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  1. Strategy Overview

    Strategy Source 

    David Didau 

    About The Author: 

    David Didau taught in English Schools for 15 years before he became a writer, speaker and educational consultant. He started his award-winning blog, ‘The Learning Spy’, in 2011, which has since gone on to become one of the most influential blogs in the UK. David Didau also leads bespoke training sessions on a range of topics, including behaviour management and cognitive psychology in schools. 

    What are Slow Sentence Paragraphs?  

     Slow Sentence paragraphs, or slow writing, is the notion that less is more. The idea is to encourage students to slow down and take their time when it comes to writing. Though this may result in fewer words on the page, it means that what student do write will be meaningful and well-thought-out.  

    How to use Slow Sentence Paragraphs:

    There a few different ways you can get your children using Slow Sentences. David Didau asks his class to incorporate a set of arbitrary grammatical challenges into their writing. For example: 
    The first sentence must start with a past participle.
    The second sentence can only be three words. 
    Your fourth sentence must be a rhetorical question. 
    The idea behind this is that in order to complete the tasks, children will need to slow down. They will not be able to simply put pen to paper and hope for the best, because this will need to think carefully about their execution. Exercises like these will get your children used to a new way of thinking and writing. Eventually they will become slower, more thoughtful writers without the use of such aids.  
    Another aspect of slow writing comes after children have finished writing. The process requires them to go over their work with a fine-tooth comb. They’re asked to analyse each word, and think about if they could have used a better one. The same for their sentence structures, grammar and paragraphing.  

    Why are Slow Sentence Paragraphs beneficial? 

     Using Slow Sentence paragraphs can have a number of benefits. First of all, the work your students will produce will be of high value. As children are encouraged to put a lot more thought into what they write, and check it afterwards, what they come to produce will be fine-tuned and well written. 
    In turn, when students produce higher quality pieces of work, this will boost their self-confidence in the field, and allow them to flourish, both personally and academically. Being able to produce good quality pieces of writing, will allow children to progress more easily through their education. 
    Slow Sentence paragraphs can also have a positive effect on your children's handwriting. If they are not rushing to write down as much as they possibly can, then they will naturally write slower. As a result this will make their handwriting neater, and their overall work look well-polished and professional. 

  2. Choose this strategy if you want to...
    - Set a minimum high standard for pupils’ writing.
    - Use literacy overtly to improve outcomes.
    - Provide an effective writing structure for all pupils. 
    - Help your students produce high-quality pieces of work.  

    Read this insightful case study, to see how one teacher used this strategy in the classroom, and the impact it had on their pupils.

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