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  1. Strategy Overview
    Strategy Source
    Daniel T. Willingham, Why Don't Students Like School?

    What is this strategy about?
    Your working memory can only hold a certain amount of facts at once. In order for solid learning to take place, you need to break up info and also give pupils time to absorb info. If information isn’t going in, pupils will become disengaged and find something more fun to do, which will most likely be disrupting the lesson!

    Why is working memory important in school?
    Working memory is important for both learning and doing everyday tasks. It temporarily holds information available for processing, which helps children to hold onto information for long enough to use it.

    Why do we have initiatives and not modules?
    If you were wondering why we have initiatives rather than the more usual e-learning modules, read our blog to find out why.

    Click here to learn more about Working Memory
  2. Choose this strategy if you want to...
    - Stop you being taken by surprise by errors in the class
    - Allow pupils to master knowledge and skills before moving on
    - Show pupils that you understand that errors are a part of learning

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