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Novice to Proficient and Metacognition

  1. Strategy Overview
    Strategy Source
    John Hattie, Visible Learning for Teachers

    About Visible Learning for Teachers
    This ground-breaking book features the largest collection of evidence-based research into improving schools. It includes summaries and step-by-step guidance to maximise achievement in schools by applying visible learning to the classroom.

    What is this strategy about?
    There are phases of competence - novice, capable and proficient. Those who are proficient have a deep foundation of factual knowledge. Proficiency requires a metacognitive approach where pupils take charge of their own learning by defining goals and learning progress.

    What is a metacognitive approach?
    The metacognitive approach supports student learning by helping them understand the way they absorb information to help them become more successful learners.

    Click here to learn the importance of Explicitly Delivering Metacognition.
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