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  1. Strategy Overview

    Strategy Source

    Doug Lemov 

    Other Work By Doug Lemov

    - Teach Like a Champion 2.0
    - Reading Reconsidered
    - Practice Perfect: 42 Rules for Getting Better and Better

    What is this Strategy About?

    Ensure that pupils follow through on a request in an immediate and visible way. Set a standard that is demanding and clear.

    This strategy is designed to help you make compliance visible in your classroom. Using Doug Lemov as the source material, we'll give you some effective strategies for making sure you take control of the learning environment. For example, after giving your observable direction, you should praise the follow-through of at least two students who did what you've asked right away and successfully.  You should fix or improve at least one student if compliance is even slightly questionable.  Through doing this, you set expectations higher, engendering more masterful behavioural management. 

    As we said, making sure to praise those students who comply right away is invaluable advice for teachers.  Everyone wants praise - and everyone wants to be a part of the group. Increasing the amount and type of accountability implicitly makes the ones who would test the boundaries of compliance, or the non-conformers, more likely to comply.  Making compliance visible helps increases the normalcy of following explicit directions in the classroom.  The more visible and specific you can make the act of compliance the better. You can try using these specific directions in order to attain compliance:

    “Pencils in the tray”, instead of, “Pencils down”
    “Books open in front of you”, instead of, “Books out”
    “I want to see pencils moving”, instead of, “You should be writing.”

    Why is Classroom Management Important?

    Effective classroom management is essential for setting expectations to prevent behaviour issues. This sets the tone of the classroom to create an orderly, productive, and structured learning environment.

    Of course, all children are different in the ways that they learn, develop, and behave in countless different ways. So, it's a good idea to work on building up a bank of behaviour strategies that you can dip into depending on the situation and the child. This way, you're ready for anything the school day throws at you.

    Take this pro-active approach, and you'll be better placed to maintain fairness and consistency in how you address behaviour in your classroom - something your pupils will come to understand and respect.

    Click here to learn how to Create Rules as a Class for behaviour management. 

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