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  1. Strategy Overview
    Strategy Source
    Jon Tomsett

    What is this strategy about?
    This CPD strategy will help you with building trust and engaging boys in your lessons, whilst making the class more enjoyable for yourself and your students.  Relationships are everything. If you don’t have a good relationship with a pupil (particularly boys) then they won’t succeed in your class.

    Why is it important for students to trust their teachers?
    It is important to develop meaningful relationships with your students. Students need to feel comfortable to talk to their teacher about any struggles they may be facing. This can help them feel more comfortable and confident in their classroom.

    How do I put this into place in my classroom?
    This needs to be done every lesson at all times - it should be present in your demeanour when teaching the class, and in your conversations with your pupils. If there is a positive impact, this should become a natural part of your teaching style.

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  2. Choose this strategy if you want to...
    - Make your lessons more enjoyable
    - Foster a sense of trust
    - Engage boys in your lesson more effectively

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