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  1. Strategy Overview
    Strategy Source
    Doug Lemov

    Other Work By Doug Lemov
    - Teach Like a Champion 2.0
    - Reading Reconsidered
    - Practice Perfect: 42 Rules for Getting Better and Better

    What is this strategy about?
    Do pupils record key ideas from the class? Do they leave the class with a record so they can revisit it days, weeks or years later? Most pupils will produce a haphazard series of scrawls, so we need to make sure they have effective notes for later on.

    What is effective note-taking?
    Effective note-taking skills enable you to be able to take clear, comprehensive notes by selecting the information you need quickly and efficiently. This is an essential skill that can be applied in all aspects of life, including work and school.

    How do I put this into place in my classroom?
    This may be an additional strategy that you have never attempted before or factored into your lessons. You need to plan and make time to teach pupils how to make notes using this structure. Aim to use the strategy at least once a lesson in order to develop pupils' note taking skills.

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  2. Choose this strategy if you want to...
    - Model and shape how pupils take notes to capture the information you present to them
    - Ensure pupils have good notes to use later to revise

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