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  1. Strategy Overview

    Strategy Source 

    Education Endowment Foundation. 

    About the Source: 

    The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity established in 2011. The charity is dedicated to improving the educational attainment of the poorest pupils in English schools. They also strive to support teachers, and senior leaders by providing evidence-based resources, designed to improve teaching and boost learning. 

    What are Effective Interventions for Literacy? 

    There is a lot of research to suggest that children benefit from a balanced approach to literacy. This will include a range of approaches and methods. The kind of approach we take will depend on the child's ability, age, and what stage they are at. Some children will need more focused literacy interventions to make expected progress. 

    Identifying the need for Effective Interventions for Literacy early on will help to ensure the course of action is efficient and effective. However, schools should first focus on developing sound teaching strategies that will improve the literacy proficiency of the whole class. If this is done effectively, then the need for Effective Interventions in Literacy will decrease massively. 

    However, it is inevitable that some children, even with great teaching and resources, will require some additional support. If that is the case, an effective intervention will be crucial. The first step for this would be an accurate and timely diagnosis of the problem. After it has been identified which pupils require an Effective Intervention in Literacy, then a detailed and appropriate plan can be put into place. 

    The kind of activities and resources you will need to intervene will all depend on the child, and what area it is they are struggling in. There is no 'one size fits all'. You will need to assess the child's strengths and weakness in order to come up with a successful and Effective Intervention for Literacy development plan.

    Why is Literacy Important? 

    Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen, and as such it is the key to every type of interaction. Without literacy, we cannot communicate effectively, or understand the world around us. Not only do children need literacy skills to flourish academically, they are vital for thriving personal lives too.

    Being unable to read and write effectively can put children at a huge disadvantage, and will put them at risk of falling behind. If you need some more information on how to reinforce good literacy practise, then check this strategy post on the Speak It, Write It, Read It method. You'll find lots of useful literacy tips that can help your child if they have fallen behind.
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