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    SPRinG Project 

    What is this strategy about?

    Try our strategy to learn all about how effective grouping of pupils can lead to better participation, motivation and engagement.

    What is effective group work?

    Effective group work is when everyone can come together in agreement to successfully complete a task. Each member of the team should have a valuable role to fairly contribute to the workload. Communication and participation should be the most important skills brought to a group to make sure everyone works well and the job or task is conducted correctly.  That being said, it's a great opportunity for children to gain more confidence and increase their levels of engagement and participation in the class.

    Why is effective group work important in school?

    Group work can enhance communication skills and teach students to work collaboratively as a team. As a result, more ideas are developed and productivity is improved.  It's also a great skill, that children will take with them throughout their life as they venture out of school and into workplace environments. 

    Tips for encouraging Effective Group Work 

    1. Make sure all members of the group understand the task and each other's individual role.
    2. Summarise a clear objective or goal so children understand exactly what they're trying to achieve.
    3. Highlight the importance of communication within the group. Make sure everyone has a say. 
    4. Find a suitable place for each group that's distraction free and allows them to focus. 
    5. Try active listening. 

    Click here to learn how to encourage students to work together effectively through Collaborative Learning Guidelines.

  2. Choose this strategy if you want to...
    - Ensure your grouping is purposeful
    - Increase participation and engagement
    - Feel more confident with pupils working in groups

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