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Challenging High Ability Pupils

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    What is this strategy about?

    This strategy is designed to help you make good choices when dealing with your higher ability learners. Make sure that you are always teaching to a high standard, and utilise the following approaches laid out within this strategy to push higher-ability pupils further. You can use these approaches with all abilities but they will particularly challenge the higher ability pupils. From encouraging goal-setting and making personal choices to self-assessment, you can start challenging your higher ability learners.

    Why is it important to challenge high ability students?

    High-ability students can become bored, uninterested and distracted if they are not kept challenged and engaged. So, it is important that teachers encourage them to build on their skills further with more advanced content that will allow them to delve deeper into their subjects.

    Challenging your high-ability learners doesn't just mean setting them more work, and keeping them tied to a desk. It's just as much about their mindset, their approach and their accountability. Encouraging a 'growth mindset' within your learners can be an invaluable part of this process. Learners with a growth mindset will understand that their hard work, good strategies and input from others will help them succeed. In comparison to a 'fixed mindset', which believes that people are simply born with talent and innate abilities, instilling a growth mindset into your higher-ability students will help to push them further towards their goals. Challenging your students in a variety of different ways is part of this process, one which our strategy will help you undertake.

    How do I put this into place in my classroom?

    - This strategy requires you to spend a little more time on planning for each session.
    - Ensure that there are appropriate activities for every lesson for your high ability pupils for 6 weeks to measure the impact

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  2. Choose this strategy if you want to...
    - Provide a genuine challenge for higher ability pupils, not just more work. 
    - Provide higher thinking activities for all pupils

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