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EAL Support CPD

Assess and Improve their Subject Knowledge

  1. Strategy Overview
    Strategy Source
    EAL Resources (Bell Foundation)

    What is this strategy about?
    Keep the same high expectations for EAL pupils as you would for any pupil. Make sure you have provided appropriate scaffolding to help them make progress in lessons.

    How can you support EAL students to develop vocabulary?
    You can provide glossaries for subject terminology (E.g. Keywords for the topic ‘Electricity’) for EAL students and encourage them to update it as they learn new words. This is a great way for them to learn the meanings of different words.

    Why is it important to support EAL students' first language alongside English?
    EAL learners need to support and develop their competence in their first language alongside the learning of English. The knowledge developed in the first language can easily be transferred to English while allowing them to continue developing their first language at the same time. 

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    - Challenge EAL pupils
    - Improve the subject knowledge of EAL pupils

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