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    What is this strategy about?
    Relationships education will be a mandatory requirement for all primary schools from September 2020. As with any PSHE lesson, or lesson dealing with potentially sensitive content, it is important to answer questions as honestly and objectively as possible.

    What is RSE?
    RSE stands for Relationships and Sex Education. It involves teaching pupils about healthy relationships and sexuality in a safe environment.

    Why is RSE important?
    RSE is essential for increasing young people's knowledge of safe sex and sexual health. It teaches children to respect themselves and others and ensures that they are able to make safe and informed choices to develop healthy relationships. It also helps schools fulfil their duties to protect, safeguard and promote the wellbeing of their pupils.

    Why is it important to be honest when answering difficult questions?
    The best way to communicate safety to children when discussing difficult topics is to be as open and truthful as possible. This will prevent them from misinterpreting information and will ensure that they trust your advice.

    How do I put this into place in my classroom?
    Do this for every RSE session you have with your pupils, but can also be useful in any session where pupils may answer difficult questions.

    Feel secure in your RSE knowledge and delivery using Twinkl Life’s resources and teacher guidance.
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