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How OneStep CPD Works for Schools

OneStep at a Time

Improve teaching and learning in your school.

OneStep is a digital professional development service with a difference; made by teachers for teachers, we use an action-research approach so teachers can evaluate what actually improves teaching and learning in their classrooms. OneStep enables you to deliver actionable, accessible and meaningful CPD digitally in your school. 
OneStep has been tested with classroom teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors in England, Scotland, Brunei and Jordan. You can see their case studies here. OneStep can provide bespoke professional development to all staff in schools anywhere in the world.

“It enabled myself and my team to refocus and build upon what we already do well, improving our pupils' behaviour in the process” - Debbie, Deputy Head at a Primary School in Stockport

How does OneStep CPD work?

OneStep CPD was built around intent, implementation and impact.


Teachers choose one strategy to put into place in their classroom in a 6-week initiative, to test it's impact on teaching and learning. They fill in a Plan to set out how they will implement the strategy in their classroom or with a particular group of children and set success criteria.

  • Give your team a clear, consistent message about your school's development plan: you can highlight up to five strategy categories based on your school's needs, such as mastery, feedback, engagement, questioning, knowledge application, etc.
  • Alternatively, staff can choose for themselves from over 150 strategies within 20 strategy categories.
  • If you or a member of staff finds there isn't a strategy suitable for them, they can contact us via email and we will research at least one strategy for them within 5 working days.
  • We deliver transformative, not informative, CPD - our strategies are skills focussed, helping teachers deliver content in the most effective way for their pupils.
  • The plan takes around 10 minutes to fill in. For more information on this step, this video explains more.

Teachers reflect every week using a Progress Tracker, which is similar to a bullet journal. They reflect on how that week has gone, as well as any additional activities they have performed, such as monitoring particular students or organising observations. Teachers also have the opportunity to upload evidence to support their reflections. 

  • School leaders can see where the teachers are up to along the 6-week process, as well as monitoring active usage of the service.
  • The vast majority of the CPD itself is done during class time, with around 5 minutes a week needed to fill in the Progress Tracker.

Teachers fill in an Evaluation and Sustainability Plan and receive a case study that is handmade by our designers within 2 working days.

  • SLT members can view every teacher's case study to see how their initiatives went
  • The final case studies to evaluate the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind what’s worked in your school. 
  • Professional look, easily shared in a PDF format, or uploaded to your performance management drive or software.
  • Effective new teaching habits can be shared across your entire teaching team, not just a few. During our tests, one school used a staff member's case study to justify introducing a new non-negotiable across the school as it had been tried and tested with their own pupils.
  • At the end of each academic year, you will receive an overall school impact report that demonstrates the ROI (Return on Investment) of OneStep CPD in your school.
  • The Evaluation and Sustainability Plan takes around 15-20 minutes to fill in.

Would you like to hear more?

To schedule a call or a visit from one of our CPD specialists, please contact info@onestepcpd.com. We are happy to travel to show how OneStep can help you and your school.

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