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How do I contact OneStep CPD?


For support of any kind, or to arrange a friendly chat with a CPD specialist, please email info@onestepcpd.com.

Beginner’s Guide to OneStep CPD


If you’re new to OneStep CPD, or you’d simply like more information about what we do, we’ve created this handy guide.
First, the question we know you’re asking: What is OneStep CPD?
OneStep CPD is the first ‘powered by Twinkl’ service, and is completely free. We help those who teach and often hear from teachers who are dissatisfied with their current CPD; many tell us it’s just not personal enough, or relevant to them. 
OneStep CPD has been developed to help teachers identify and control their own developments by implementing one strategy into their classroom during a 6 week initiative. Teachers follow an action-research model: creating a plan and setting success criteria, then reflecting on their strategy’s impact through weekly progress trackers, a mid-point review and a final evaluation. 
Throughout the process, you can access support through any method listed on our contact page. Our CPD specialists are more than happy to help you.
So, what exactly is action-research?
Good question! Action-research is an investigative method used in a variety of fields and particularly in education. This process involving testing methods to find a solution that works best. 
OneStep CPD has been inspired by this process and aims to make it accessible for classroom teachers. Our strategies have been designed to be put into place and tested within 6-weeks. If you don’t see any progress (academically or otherwise) within 6 weeks then it is unlikely to work for you. But that is the point of action-research: to discover what works for you and your pupils in your classroom.
Currently, you can’t test an idea of your own, but we’re hoping to add this as a feature soon.
Why six weeks?
Teachers tell us that 6 weeks is the ideal time to introduce an initiative. It fits nicely within a half-term, and is enough time to measure progress or to see whether something works, or not. We do recommend that you keep reflecting past the 6-week period.
Some teachers know what to work on, whereas others might need extra help. To isolate/target your development, speak to your line manager, or use our handy root cause analysis tool to help you.
If you don’t spot the ideal strategy, please get in touch via our contact page - we’ll recommend a strategy, or even create a new one for you.
You should see the strategy working from weeks 2-4
Experience shows that OneStep teachers find the first week the hardest and slowest. Don’t worry, this is entirely normal when putting something new into place. So even if everything slows down, keep implementing the strategy consistently.
During these six weeks, you may or may not see progress. 
OneStep’s 6-week strategies work for certain people in certain classes. If you find you’ve made no progress at all in the 6 weeks, this can often still be a positive result. After all, you’ll now know what maybe doesn’t work for you, or doesn’t work for the pupils in that class. 
Look at what you have learnt during the process and apply it next time, asking:
- Could you use the strategy with a different class? 
- Do you need to find an alternative cause of the problem?
- Is the problem something entirely different?
- Did you deliver the strategy with complete consistency?
Do we use other people’s research to inspire our strategies?
Yes, we do. We’re all experienced teachers, and remember spending hours trawling through websites to find the right strategies to help our classes. 
The work of leading academics, pedagogists and teachers inspired us then, and we now want more people to see their work now. We’re doing this by championing them throughout our strategies - we also recommend you read their books in full and follow them on social media.
Why aren’t there any subject-specific strategies?
We do include some (such as Effective Feedback in Maths) and within our strategies, you’ll find examples of this working across different year groups and subjects. However, as we focus on action-based research it is difficult to apply a subject specific or knowledge-related pedagogy in 6 weeks. 
Your plan is setting out what success will look like in the 6-weeks.
Here’s a tip - when preparing your plan, consider the type of evidence you should upload. This evidence should be related to your success criteria. For example, if you’re hoping to reduce the amount of time it takes pupils to enter the lesson, it will help to collect timings on a spreadsheet.
Looking to collaborate with another teacher?
We’d recommend you both do two separate OneStep initiatives and then collaborate in person within school. However, if you have a job-sharing role, it would make sense to do one initiative.
At the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll need to complete the evaluation. Here’s where you should reflect honestly on how your initiative has gone and upload your evidence. Remember, even if things haven’t gone quite as you expected, you’ll still have valuable insights to work into your teaching practice. 
Two days after you’ve submitted your evaluation, you’ll receive your case study: This is a bespoke summary of your initiative. It will be sent to your email address, and will also be available in the Case Study section of your account.

Resolving Issues


  • Need help? Here’s who you contact?
Email us at info@onestepcpd.com.
  • Don’t want your case study to be viewed by others?
Your case study doesn’t identify you, the school or your students - so nobody will know it belongs to you. We want case studies to be shared with other teachers so they can see good practice, and how different teachers have approached different strategies. This is why we made it a key part of our terms and conditions.
  • Moving schools? Can you keep your account?
If your account is linked to a school account, unfortunately not. We recommend you download and keep all your case studies before you leave. (Definitely tell your next school about OneStep CPD though!)
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