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What is action research?
The OneStep CPD process has been inspired by an action research approach, particularly by the Education Endowment Foundation's logic model. Action research is more likely to lead to transformative CPD as it is asking a teacher to physically implement something in their classroom and reflect upon it.

What are the steps of action research in a school?
1. Choosing a focus
This could be an area you are interested in or a problem you want to solve.

2. Choose your strategy
- If you are looking to solve a problem, find a tried and tested approach that has worked in a similar context to you. (Look at our case studies which also include school contexts.)
- If you are just interested in an area, find a strategy that you can engage with.

3. Set a time limit and also set what you want to see
- An in-class intervention generally should last no longer than 6 weeks before you see some improvement or impact. If you don't see some impact in this time then it is unlikely to work.
- A whole-school intervention may take a whole term to see any impact.
- When setting your targets, think of what does Utopia look like? If you solved your problem entirely, what would your classroom be like?
- To set specific targets, look at where you want to see impact: behaviour, assessment results, engagement, etc.

4. Collect the data throughout the implementation
Whilst you are planning, decide the types of evidence you are going to collect and dates you are going to collect it. For example, if you are looking to see an improvement in how pupils are responding to feedback, you will want images of your marking and how pupil's respond to it throughout your implementation.

5. Analyse the data
At the end reflect on the process and look at your evidence - what was the impact on behaviour/assessment results/engagement?

6. Share your results with people in your school
Is your strategy worth trying? This is interesting if you find positive or negative impact.
- If there is a positive impact you should want to share it with people in your team or with SLT so they can see a tried and tested method within your context.
- If there is a negative impact and you know other teachers use this strategy, you should still share it with people in your school so they can make an informed decision or can run a similar implementation.

7. Next steps
Do you do more research (put it into place for more time) or was it so effective it becomes part of your teaching arsenal? If it didn't work should you try it with another class in another way or never touch it again?
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