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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning strategies to boost the mind and body

Making the most of your outdoor space and profiting from the opportunities afforded by outdoor learning is one of the most effective ways to brighten up your teaching.

By utilising our bespoke OneStep Outdoor Learning CPD courses, you can make sure your sessions start effectively and productively, promote healthy lifestyles, and relate students' classroom learning to real-world situations. Click on each of our four strategies below to find out more.

What is outdoor learning?

Outdoor learning is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of meanings and purposes, but, at their heart, each one ultimately refers to the indirect or direct gaining of knowledge or experience through contact with the outdoor environment. 

This definition by the English Outdoor Council sums it up:
In Outdoor Learning participants learn through what they do, through what they encounter and through what they discover.

Naturally, this can be taken to mean that children learn simply from experiencing the outdoors and coming into physical contact with natural elements they may or may not have learned about in the classroom. However, if facilitated correctly, this process of discovery, experimentation and challenge can serve to make outdoor learning a key component of a child's self-recognition and world-appreciation. 

Why is outdoor learning important?

Despite common beliefs, outdoor learning isn't just 'doing something a bit different' when approaching whole-class teaching. Instead, properly executed and thoughtfully concocted outdoor learning classes are a surefire way to add value to a session that may otherwise feel constrained, whether you know it or not, by the four walls of your classroom. And that much is scientifically proven.

Just some of the many benefits that students can gain from engaging in outdoor learning activities include:
  • A greater connection to the natural environment and appreciation of current world issues.
  • An increased sense of community and of place. 
  • Strengthened social skills and interpersonal relationships.
  • Encouragement of holistic development. 
  • Increased fine and gross-motor skills. 

In other words, what may seem a fairly straightforward method of shaking up classroom teaching has vast potential to expand a child's horizons. Our fantastic Outdoor Learning CPD courses are designed to do the same for you, the teacher. Tried, tested and trusted by a network of qualified education providers around the world, they will help you treat teaching not just as a series of informational goals but also as a way of boosting lifestyle choices and shaping students' worldviews.

Overcome the barriers of outdoor learning with One Step CPD

Some of the main fears and concerns we see raised when teachers begin thinking about the prospect of taking their lessons outdoors revolve around the same things:

  • Lack of confidence when teaching outdoors.
  • Desire not to stray away from school curriculum requirements.
  • Lack of relevant resources and support.
  • Constraints of time. 
  • Wider changes within school governance and the education sector. 

These barriers are not just needlessly restrictive, they can be overcome with just a little persistence and boldness. One Step CPD's strategies can help you vault these bumps-in-the-road and leap into the fresh air of the outdoors. You can find out how below...

Are OneStep CPD courses for me?

Here at OneStep CPD, we believe that your development as a teacher is a symbiotic goal: the more tools you have at your disposal to craft your professional techniques, the more students under your charge reap the benefits of high-quality sessions. This is especially true when it comes to the topic of outdoor learning, where students stand to gain more in learning development than just curricular understanding.

That's why we've crafted easy to apply, versatile and free outdoor learning CPD courses that will not only help you filter outdoor learning in with your curriculum aims but show you how to truly cultivate within your children a new level of understanding of the environment that surrounds them. Ultimately, you are still in control; you choose which way to take your sessions. But being able to pull these strategies into mind when doing so will give you a foundation of strength and knowledge that what you're doing is beneficial. There are no drawbacks, no strings, and most importantly, no limits to what these courses can enliven in your teaching.

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