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Teaching languages can often challenge a teacher's confidence if they are a non-specialist, and some pupils disengage from languages. That's why we've developed these strategies to focus on pupil engagement in your MFL lessons.

All of our MFL CPD strategies have been developed by experienced teachers to help you transform your lessons with these brilliant tips and advice. We understand that not every class, child or teacher is the same so you we've created courses and strategies that can be tailored into your teaching to suit your needs and pain points. Whether you're an NQT or a teacher who needs a little help delivering MFL lessons, we have you covered with a range of CPD options.

What is MFL CPD?

Modern foreign language CPD is a form of professional development to help educators transform their teaching of modern languages to make them engaging, informative and fun, which overall increases children's participation and concentration levels.  They're great to help with common teacher pain points by equipping you with the right skills and knowledge to really transform your lessons.

The below strategies will help you focus on:
  • Getting children to speak more in lessons.
  • Making the most out of MFL lessons.
  • Using songs in your lessons.
  • Increasing engagement.
  • And using authentic teaching materials.

How can OneStep help?

To help further with pupil engagement and for tips on how to increase levels in your MFL lessons, you could also try our Engagement Through Authentic Learning strategy or try our Embrace Challenge strategy to take the challenges of your lessons as an advantage to learn. Both strategies will help you to get pupils talking in no-pressure environments which will encourage them to participate and engage further.

We know that it can sometimes be tricky to teach languages when you don't have specialist experience, so we've taken this problem and delivered a solution with our strategies. You can try using songs in MFL lessons if you're struggling to get children to engage, it's a great way to add some creativity too. Try out this Using Target Language Songs strategy. The rhythm, rhyme and alliteration in songs can strengthen memory skills which can help students to remember the information that they have learnt.  Background music may also enhance performance on cognitive tasks. 

With five strategies available to help transform your MFL lessons, simply have a look at the strategies below. They give you clear and concise information to help you tackle any pain point you may have effectively. 

Still not found what you're looking for? Not to worry as you can also contact info@onestepcpd.com and we can help provide you with bespoke MFL CPD

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