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EAL Support CPD

What is EAL? 

EAL is an acronym that means English as an Additional Language.  There will be a range of ability within pupils who speak English as their second or additional language. All students will be at different levels of confidence too, so whilst some may be quite talkative, others may be still in the silent phase.

Here we have a number of strategies for EAL CPD to help you promote and inclusive atmosphere for all EAL pupils, as well as provide structured support.  

Why is EAL CPD important? 

It can be daunting for EAL students when they come into a new environment, and they do not know the language as well as their peers. This can have a detrimental effect on their educational progress and their personal wellbeing. 

Being able to communication effectively will allow your students to flourish, that is why it is important to implement the EAL COD strategies wherever possible in the classroom.  

How can I support my students with EAL? 

There are a number of different ways you can support a learner whose first language is not English. We have some basic guidance for you here, as well as our links below: 

Keep it simple. Try not to jump straight in at the deep-end. Be mindful when you are communicating with EAL students that your language and sentence structure is not too complex. Interacting with your students using clear and simple vocabulary will help them feel comfortable.

Give them time and space. Make sure your EAL students have enough time to think and formulate responses, this may mean going a little slower. You can also make other students aware of this, so that they do not try to rush them.

Record the lesson. Sometimes it might be a lot to process all at once for your student. However, if you record the lesson for them, they can listen back over it to pick up any parts they might have missed, or not quite understood, the first time round.

Bear in mind these suggestions in mind when you go onto implement EAL CPD methods below.

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