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Differentiation & Support for Students

We know educators  teach a wide variety of pupils with a wide variety of needs. These differentiation strategies will have a positive impact on all pupils in the class (e.g. Within Class Setting). These Differentiation & Support for Students strategies will help you be aware of the needs of your pupils and put quality intervention into place to include them in the lessons and ultimately have a positive impact on your learning.

We understand that every pupil is different, and they learn differently, therefore we've provided educators with a strategy that'll help support this. That's why we've created differentiation CPD strategies have been created by experienced teachers so you can rest assured you'll be provided with the right advice to transform your lessons.

What is differentiation CPD?

Differentiation CPD is a form of development for teachers to gain more knowledge to help transform their lessons for every student. By offering differentiation in your learning environment it gives every child the opportunity to learn in a way that benefits them. You can differentiate in accordance to children's ability or special educational needs - great to help children get the most out of their learning. 

Why is differentiation important?

Every child learns at different paces and abilities and have different needs, so it's hard to find a one size fits all lesson plan. Differentiating your lessons by using different level resources by catering for higher and lower ability children will help keep them challenged and focused in terms of learning and progression.

You can also try one-to-one sessions for children who are struggling or have any special educational needs that may require a one-to-one session. For more information on one-to-one teaching try out this One-to-One Tuition Strategy.

A subject that could require differentiation could be Maths. This subject can be tricky for some children and sometimes they just need a little more confidence to help them progress and apply their knowledge. You could try our 5 Ways to Boost Confidence in Maths strategy as a great place to start. It's great for a differentiation CPD resource as you can apply the advice to different children's abilities to help them reach for the stars!

How can OneStep CPD help?

With 14 strategies to explore below that focus on supporting students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, left-handers, hearing loss and more you'll be sure to find a strategy to help every pupil's unique needs. Whether you're an NQT, an experienced teacher or a home educator, we've got the right differentiation CPD strategies to help you form an engaging lesson for all. 

Still not found what you're looking for? Not to worry as you can also contact info@onestepcpd.com and we can help provide you with bespoke differentiation CPD strategies.

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