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Developing Students' Knowledge

What Does Developing Knowledge mean? 

Developing Knowledge refers to expanding your students understanding of topics, so that they go beyond surface level. It is important that children learn how to delve deeper into their subjects, as well as think critically. This category page has some really helpful pages that provide effective methods to help reinforce and cement knowledge. All the pages are designed to help children retain information, and apply it in sophisticated ways. 

Different ways of Developing Knowledge:   

They are a number of different ways you can Develop Knowledge in the classroom. One of the most effective methods is through games and activities. This is because when children learn through light-hearted tasks they are more likely to remember the information presented, because the activity was memorable and engaging.  

There are other ways of developing knowledge too, reading, writing and researching will also play an integral role here. For example, one really useful way of exploring a topic and adding depth to it, is concept mapping. You could write the topic on the whiteboard, and let your class add sticky notes containing lots of different information on the subject. Or you could let students create their own version on some A3 paper. Either way, the collaborative task will combine everyone's knowledge together. As a result, children will gain a deeper understanding. 

We have lots of other ways of Developing Knowledge, simply have a browse through the strategy pages below for lots more inspiration. From regular subject knowledge tests, to story telling, to retrieval practise, there is something to suit every child and ability. 

Why is Developing Knowledge important?  

Knowledge is the theoretical and practical information, as well as the skills, that we gain through experience and learning. Our knowledge will naturally expand and as we grow older and gain more experience. However, it is also important that we make a conscious effort to develop our knowledge.  

By providing your students with life-long methods of developing their knowledge, you will help them progress through their education and achieve high grades. This will allow them to flourish both academically, and in their personal lives. If children do not develop their knowledge, they become vulnerable to falling behind, and risk not being able to understand the same concepts as their peers. 

That's why it is important that they do not stagnate, and continue to explore and push new ideas and concepts. The methods below will help your children's growth for years to come.  

How can OneStop CPD help?

Simply click on the strategy boxes below to learn more about Developing Knowledge. However, if you need a little more tailored support, feel free to email us at: info@onestepcpd.com, and we'd be more than happy to help you further. 

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