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Activities to Apply Knowledge

Knowledge is only useful if it can be applied to a variety of problems, questions and contexts. Teachers need effective scaffolding to help students apply their knowledge as effectively as possible, and these strategies are effective ways of supporting your pupils to apply their knowledge as effectively and concisely as possible.

All of our strategies  have been put together by teaching professionals who have extensive knowledge teaching children to help transform your teaching. These strategies are great to help children apply their knowledge by putting all that learning into practice; it's a great opportunity for you to see how much they've understood too.  To help with this, the strategies will focus on reapplying previous knowledge from reception to KS2 years to help remove any barriers in children's learning.

What does applying knowledge mean?

When we refer to applying knowledge it simply means allowing children to rethink back on all the skills and information they've learnt on a topic or subject and start to apply them productively. You can ask children to do this by using activities, worksheets, or any resources that tests the knowledge they've learnt. From there you can determine what children have found easy and which areas they need a little more help and support on.

Helping children apply their knowledge

To help children further with applying knowledge you could try our Drilling When Necessary Strategy. This strategy is designed to help reinforce basic skills. The strategy will also help you introduce more high-level learning to children once the previous skills become more automatic. You could also try the Unison Chanting Strategy which encourages chanting as a form of drilling to help children remember key information. 

When helping children with applying knowledge it's important to understand what they've learnt and remembered so far to establish any grey areas or gaps in their learning. Figuring out where children need a little more help is a great way to support children with applying their knowledge to help them progress further.

How can OneStep help?

Have a browse through our brilliant strategies below to help children with applying their knowledge further. Creating relaxed and fun activities is a great way to create an engaging lesson that will help with focus and engagement levels.

Still not found what you're looking for? Not to worry as you can also contact info@onestepcpd.com, and we can help provide you with a bespoke strategy to help with applying knowledge.

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