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Knowledge Acquisition

This category includes a range of strategies to effectively deliver information to pupils. It is important for students to understand the content before they can apply it to real-life assessments, scenarios or problems. Teachers and pupils usually have a preference for how they provide and receive information, and there are many theories about the best way to achieve this. This category looks at the options available to ensure effective knowledge acquisition strategies.

What is knowledge acquisition?

Knowledge acquisition refers to the process of absorbing new information. It's also a way to make sure information has been correctly remembered and can be retrieved from memory. 

There are different ways our brains can sort information, and this can depend on how the information is structured. For example, you could take a bus timetable, this is a great source of information to get the latest bus times. However, this wouldn't give you all the knowledge and information you need. To make the acquisition of knowledge clearer it would be beneficial to also include a map so people would know where the bus stops are. Both of the methods would be useful, but it's important to establish what knowledge you want people to get from the information. This should always be taken into consideration when delivering new information to make sure people can fully digest and understand it.

How can OneStep help?

Our panel of experienced teachers have created a range of knowledge acquisition strategies to help take away any pain points in your teaching. With the advice and tips learnt you'll really be able to start transforming your teaching and taking any challenges in your stride.

For more help you could try out this Removing Barriers to Applying Knowledge Strategy. It's a great way to help identify any barriers the pupils are experiencing. Working with the pupils through questioning and thorough assessment of their class and homework, you'll be able to identify how these barriers can be minimised.

Or, try out this Applying Prior Knowledge (Reception to KS2) strategy to help children think back on the previous information to help them expand and learn new information.

Still not found what you're looking for? Not to worry as you can also contact info@onestepcpd.com, and we can help provide you with bespoke knowledge acquisition strategies.

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