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Three Feedback Questions

05 Jun 2019


"The boys could easily see what they had done well and what they needed to do to improve."


My Context

I work at a boys grammar school in Manchester. We have 1,542 pupils aged 7-18.

What I wanted to improve

I wanted to provide Maths intervention pupils with more effective written feedback.


The strategy I used was Three Feedback Questions by John Hattie in Visible Learning for Teachers.

What would success look like?

I wanted to ensure that feedback will not be repetitive by using the 3 question system of feedback. In doing this, pupils will be confident in udnerstanding their strengths and weaknesses.

How did I approach it?

Week 1

I provided intervention pupils with effective written feedback in their Maths group. I would also target comments to give the pupils clear and challenging learning goals so that they can move forward with their understanding. This will mean I don't have to repeat feedback.

Week 2 onwards

I created a feedback sheet so that the three questions are clearly laid out and I add my comments to them and stick them in the boys' books. Each week the boys read my comments and reply to them or sign them to show they have understood them.

Resources and Cost Required

Writing lesson purpose on powerpoint to display.


Results and Conclusions

Success Criteria

What changed and why?

Feedback will not be repetitive

My comments were sometimes repeated as the boys still needed to improve their work in the same areas/ways. I think this is because of the nature of the lower ability boys in the group. They find it difficult to remember all the different elements required in their writing and don't remember the feedback points given.

I will use the 3 question system of feedback

The boys could easily see what they had done well and what they needed to do to improve. Previously I have not given my thoughts on what the boys have done well but focussed on how they can improve their work.

Pupils will be confident in understanding their strengths and weaknesses

The boys take the time to see what positive feedback I have givne them and the suggestions for improvement. I feel they are more confident.


Overall Rating - 4/5

I am now more aware of highlighting what boys do well. I will continue to use this strategy but in a less formal way. I will continue to give both 'what you have done well' and 'what you can do to improve' comments to aid the boys' progression.

I did deliver the intervention with consistency, but it was time consuming to think and write varied comments. I found it difficult to not repeat myself and eventually realised that I would need to make the same comment.

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