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Slow Sentence Paragraphs

05 Jun 2019


"In the majority of cases pupils are able to write/edit their own work using this structure."


My Context

I work at a mixed gender academy in Sheffield. Our last Ofsted rating was 3, and 33.3% of our 483 pupils are on free school meals.

What I wanted to improve

A group of children that really struggle to grasp when they should use a full stop and why. They can write plenty and use adjectives and adverbs and all that but just don'treally get why full stops go in certain places and not others.


The strategy I used was Slow Sentence Paragraphs by David Didau.

What would success look like?

I wanted all children to understand when to use a full stop in the majority of cases with a target group of 8 pupils.

How did I approach it?

Each session I verbally explained the structure of the paragraph to the children. I bullet pointed for the 5 sentences of the paragraph what each one should contain (including full stops and capital letters). I then went to certai ntarget children to go over the 5 sentence structure explicitly with the instruction that once the 'event' had happened, they needed to put a full stop.

Resources and Cost Required

No cost, minimum effort.


Results and Conclusions

Success Criteria

What changed and why?

Children to understand when to use a full stop (in the majority of cases)

This was overall helpful for the children - target children were, in the majority of cases, able to write/edit their work according to this structure. There was a higher level of accuracy with using full stops. This was because it helped children to separate events; and helped them to relate to subject/verb that the usbject has alraedy 'done' something, so now if he's doing something else it needs to be a new sentence (tie it to this repeatedly so they can grasp the grammatical reason).


Overall Rating - 4/5

I would recommend this strategy - it worked ot help the EAL pupils in my class and helped the others too. Not sure how well it could transition to independence and would take a while. Need to tie it to the subject/verb so they can grasp the grammatical reason.

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