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Developing Language and Communication 1

05 Jun 2019

"Much more extended vocabulary is being used."


My Context

I am a primary school teacher in an International School in Brunei. It is a gender-mixed school with over 1,400 students between the ages of two to eighteen years old. 

What I wanted to improve

As a mixed ability class coming from a wide variety of languages and exposure to English, vocabulary choice is often limited. I am looking for strategies to help develop this.


The strategy that I used was Developing Language and Communication by the Education Endowment Foundation.

What would success look like?

Pupils would be using new vocabulary in their writing.

How did I approach it?

  • Whole class guided reading sessions,  with dedicated lessons on new vocabulary that are repeated throughout the week as ‘words of the week’, used on working wall and modelled by teacher whenever possible.
  • Feeding these into Talk For Writing in English and cross curricular when appropriate
  • Methods to develop vocabulary are: 
    • Providing a rich language environment (implicit teaching) 
    • Directly extended vocabulary (explicit) 
    • Develop the number of words children know (breadth) 
  • Changes made to guided reading practice and focused learning objectives. 
  • Emphasis on cross curricular links.

Resources and Cost Required


Results and Conclusions

Success criteria

What changed and why?

Pupils using new vocabulary in their independent writing

Much more extended vocabulary being used in descriptive writing and identified and used cross curricular opportunities. This was due to direct vocab teaching and praise reward schemes to encourage participation. Also due to the display and interactive resources that were used in teaching. 

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