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Start September Strong: A Digital TeachMeet for NQTs

22 Aug 2019
When I was a teacher, and particularly when I was in my NQT and RQT years, I found TeachMeets incredibly useful for my professional development. So, when the team at Twinkl asked if OneStep wanted to collaborate with them to conduct a Digital TeachMeet with a focus on NQTs I was incredibly excited. 

What is TeachMeets and how can it help start September strong?

TeachMeets are great platforms for teachers to network, collaborate and inspire each other through driven professional learning. This is a great opportunity for teachers to get involved and share practical innovations and personal insights in the field of education. It is incredibly valuable for teachers looking to improve their practices in the classroom by learning about teaching strategies to make classroom learning more engaging. The event can encourage you to take a fresh perspective on your own practice and inspire you with new ideas that you can take back with you to the classroom. In addition to this, you also get the opportunity to listen to fantastic speakers who would also add their tips and tricks for teaching
So, Twinkl and OneStep CPD proudly presents: “Start September Strong : A Digital TeachMeet for NQTs”.
Join NQTs around the country and hear 5 educational practitioners share their experiences, and offer their best advice for a positive start to your first year of teaching.

We have five speakers at the event and they'll cover the following topics:
Each talk will last 10 minutes. We understand that not every child, teacher or classroom is the same and there's simply not just one solution that works for all. Therefore, OneStep is here to help you find that solution, helping to build your teaching arsenal one step at a time.
Take control of your NQT year and start September strong. 
Follow us on twitter at @OneStepCPD to see the speaker announcements throughout the next week 

Sign up for the TeachMeet here and we'll see you on the 29th August at 6:30 pm.
You can also keep an eye on all the TeachMeet events coming up soon by clicking here. A great way to stay in the know and connect with other teaching professionals.


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