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Skill Development for Home Educators from OneStep CPD

11 Mar 2020

Education is compulsory. School is not.

Home educators represent a large body of educators in the UK: the Twinkl Home Educator Facebook group has over 9.5k users, and there are over 60,000 children being educated at home in the UK. The reasons for home education are varied and personal, centred around providing the best possible care for children and young people.

Yet with such a huge amount of homeschooling teachers, what professional development is available to them? Thousands of homeschoolers share tips and resources online and in communities, but in terms of upskilling delivery, there are few services available. OneStep CPD can help to support parents and carers to deliver the best education possible for their children.

So how can OneStep help support Home Educators?

Flexible and set to your timetable

OneStep CPD is completely online and free. You can access OneStep and work on your course at a time that suits you and your timetable.

Upskill how you deliver content

Most home educators work on a small ratio of adults to learners, which is a great opportunity to support children to develop their knowledge and confidence. Develop how you deliver sessions and support knowledge acquisition and skill development to make the most of this personal approach.

Child-led learning

Putting children first is at the heart of quality education. Use OneStep to discover what works best to help your child learn, and find out the most effective strategies for you as well.

Active learning and boosts children’s confidence

Build your own confidence by discovering tried and tested strategies. Unlike other CPD, OneStep is transformative: this means we focus on developing how you teach, rather than just telling you lots of information. This means you are participating in active learning with actionable strategies. We also have courses designed to increase children’s confidence.

Demonstrate your commitment to providing a quality education

At the end of your course you will receive a case study which summarises your reflections over the 6 weeks and evidences the impact your strategy has had on your teaching and the children.

Which courses should I choose?

We have several courses that are particularly applicable for Home Educators. Something to note when you are reading the individual strategies within the courses: there will be references to ‘classrooms’ and ‘teachers’. Regardless of which room you teach in in your home, it is is a classroom, and you are a teacher as you are responsible for your child’s learning. 

Therefore do not be put off if we mention teachers and class; when we say teachers, we mean you. When we say classrooms, we mean your home or wherever you choose to teach. 

OneStep is perfect for Home Educators to access academically informed, tried and tested methods to help provide the best education for your children. That’s why “Home Education” is listed as a school type on OneStep’s sign up system.


Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge is the basis of all academic education. Ensure that you are delivering knowledge in an effective way.

Activities to Apply Knowledge + Developing Students' Knowledge

Once you have taught your child some knowledge, they need to be able to remember it and use it in appropriate situations. This category will provide activities to facilitate this.

Assessment and Feedback

Assessment is often seen as a dirty word in education, but it does not just refer to large exams like GCSEs and SATs. You assess children every hour of the day to see what they can and can’t do so you can intervene when necessary and plan the next session effectively. Feedback likewise has connotations of ‘negative feedback’, but it is best when it is constructive and focussed on what the child can do to improve. These two categories will help you assess and provide feedback more effectively to help your children continually improve.


Make the most of child-led, 1:1 time to develop your child’s metacognition skills and mastery of topics.

Outdoor Learning (If you have access to a garden)

Link outdoor play to learning going on inside your house. (Depending on the Great British weather!)

Planning for Effective Teaching

The basis of all education is planning. Without planning there can be no effective learning. This category has over 22 courses you can use to test how you plan your learning episodes and which leads to a positive impact.

Physical Activity

Take advantage of a flexible timetable to develop your child’s aerobic and balance skills, and provide natural breaks for physical activity in the day.


There are lots of great, tried and tested methods to use questioning to build on children’s knowledge and understanding.

Individual Courses

Pupil talk - Focus on developing your child’s confidence in speaking.

Effective Oral Reading in Class - Develop confidence in reading aloud and developing comprehension.

Writing Composition Skills - Empower your child to write effectively and for a purpose, increasing their motivation to write often and well.

Supporting Shared Reading - How do you read with your child? Do you ask the right questions? Tweak how you read with your child and see if there is a noticeable difference in their understanding of texts.

If this OneStep sounds like it’s for you, sign up here. If you would like more information, email info@onestepcpd.com or book in a 15-minute webinar.


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