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How to use OneStep CPD in Your School

28 Jan 2020

Since OneStep launched in June 2019, we have loved hearing how schools implement our service in their schools, either to fit in with their current CPD organisation or to try something different to measure impact. Some schools are looking for the next non-negotiable based on data from their own school, whilst others are steering staff to work on their own personal developments based on what works for them.

But, why is CPD important?

CPD is important for teachers as it secures effective teaching. CPD allows you to create strategies and approaches that'll suit each individual teacher, as not all class, child or teacher are the same. CPD in your school will also help teachers adapt to the challenges that teaching today brings by learning new approaches to tackle them positively.

We also understand that training differs and techniques change. Using CPD will enable all your staff to be up to date with the latest techniques so everybody is on the same wavelength.

CPD in your school will focus on educators teaching primary and secondary school children. We've provided courses and strategies that will help you increase motivation in the classroom, motivation, confidence and interaction. 

How does OneStep work?

 OneStep is a bespoke service, meaning that each individual staff member can choose what they want to work on. 

We've got an array of courses and strategies which will enable you to tailor your teaching to your classes needs. Each course will help you to achieve this by evaluating and assessing your current situation, finding out any issues, targets you want to achieve, your ideal situation and much more. From this information, you'll be given advice and strategies to implement into your teaching. You're then asked to go back in a couple of weeks time to further assess the situation and to carry on tracking your progress.  

Read this blog to find out even more about OneStep!

Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of how schools in the UK and abroad are unlocking OneStep’s potential...

“It enabled myself and my team to refocus and build upon what we already do” - Debbie Robinson, Deputy Head, Primary School, Stockport

1 teacher, 1 strategy 

Allow each teacher to choose a strategy that fits in with their professional development. They individually work on a strategy for 6-weeks at a time. 

So much better than being given something where you don’t know where it can be applied. You know how you’re going to apply it and you’ve chosen it” - Jenny McKenchnie, Secondary Teacher, Sheffield


Have groups of 3 teachers who have similar professional development targets.  Each triad chooses the same strategy to test in their classrooms, and they are there to support each other and compare the effectiveness of the strategy. 

It’s step-by-step easy! It’s a simple idea that has shown me what my pupils can and can’t do. The 6-weeks  is a short period as well so you know how well it’s going immediately” - Laura Slater, Secondary Teacher, Stockport

Year/Department Trial

If there is a target or development in a particular year group or department, ask all relevant teachers to do the same strategy to see if it ‘solves’ or works towards helping the problem 

NQTs/“Coasting” Teachers

Provide our service to NQTs to encourage them to implement consistent intervention and continue to reflect, or to encourage more experienced teachers to reflect and implement new strategies.




OneStep CPD champions authors, teachers and pedagogists through our strategies, allowing everyone to test ideas and adopt what works. Our blog does the same, providing a platform for anyone with an interest in education to share good practice and great ideas.

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