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Free Professional Development for EYFS Teachers

26 Feb 2020

My mum was an EYFS teacher (Nursery and Reception) for 43 years (starting long before the term EYFS was even coined). I remember her coming home every Monday frustrated, that she has sat through directed time which was focused on training that was often not applicable to her EYFS setting, and so she subsequently felt like she had wasted an hour which could be spent doing more productive things. From conversations with other EYFS educators, this is a frustration shared by many others.

Welcome to OneStep CPD!

OneStep CPD has been made for enthusiastic teachers who are willing to make a change, whatever their context. We are a digital service, allowing you to access professional development when it suits you, with the vast majority of our courses taking place whilst you are teaching. (On average, you need to set aside 1 hour over the course of 6 weeks to fill in a plan, reflections and a final evaluation.)

We have shortlisted the best of our courses for the 7 Development EYFS Areas. For each of our courses You will have to consider how to apply this to your context and your pupils, (and we would expect every teacher to apply the strategy in an appropriate way with their own class, whether EYFS, Primary, Secondary, Home Educating, etc).

Personal, social and emotional development


Communication and Language


Understanding the World

Physical Development

Expressive Arts and Design

Other potential courses from OneStep CPD around EYFS are:

Sign up here. For more information get in touch by emailing info@onestepcpd.com, read How OneStep Works for Teachers or our FAQs.


OneStep CPD champions authors, teachers and pedagogists through our strategies, allowing everyone to test ideas and adopt what works. Our blog does the same, providing a platform for anyone with an interest in education to share good practice and great ideas.

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