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Effective Free CPD for Short Term Supply Teachers

18 Feb 2020

Increase confidence in 6 weeks with OneStep CPD

Supply Teachers are up there for me with the unsung heroes of teaching, stepping in at a moment’s notice to teach pupils and help them still make progress without their usual class teacher.

Supply Teachers are all the more fantastic because they do this without knowing the pupils and potentially teaching a subject outside their comfort zone. From our conversations with Supply Teachers, often the work that has been set for the students is not perfectly pitched, challenging or planned in an engaging way (especially if the class teacher called in sick that same morning).

Welcome to OneStep CPD!

We know there is little actionable effective free CPD out there for short term Supply Teachers. OneStep CPD is here to provide free CPD for all teachers, including Supply Teachers, to help develop their classroom practice. We provide a choice of over 150 strategies, and our CPD Specialists have curated the following list of strategies to help support you going into unknown classes on a regular basis.

All you have to do is put it into place whenever you teach over a 6-week period and reflect on a weekly basis. In the end, you will receive a case study (impact report) which will demonstrate the professional development you have achieved over the last half-term.

Here is a case study from a Supply Teacher who completed a OneStep 6-week initiative.


Category: Behaviour Management


Establish yourself as a firm, fair teacher. 

If there is bad behaviour in a class, from low-level disruption to serious issues, no learning can take place. Getting a handle on behaviour from the start of the lesson is crucial.

All of these strategies can become part of your everyday arsenal of teaching tactics and can be implemented straight away from the start of the lesson.


Category: Developing your Teacher Persona


Establish yourself as a confident teacher to quickly gain respect from pupils.

How you present yourself, how you speak to pupils, the way you deliver instructions can all be optimised to ensure you present an effective teacher persona to your pupils.


Category: Questioning


Quality questioning, following up, and feedback are essential to student progress.

You need to ensure the pupils understand the content of the lesson to make sure the lesson/day is not wasted.  Even if you are teaching outside your subject area or even your comfort zone, these questioning strategies can be used in any subject to help students give good answers and develop their knowledge.


Category: Speaking, Listening and Group Work


If the work that has been left involves group work, you need to establish the rules to ensure the pupils are on task, engaged and making progress. We have one suitable strategy that can be implemented straight away, which is effectively setting the ground rules for the activity.


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