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A TeachMeet with a difference: the EdTech event you will not want to miss...

09 Sep 2019

Removing a Barrier to TeachMeets

On 29th August, Twinkl hosted a TeachMeet in collaboration with OneStep CPD. We heard 5 great talks from 5 excellent teachers, practitioners and academics. We held this on Google Meet because when we spoke to teachers, one frustration with TeachMeets is the location and the timing. Being able to access a TeachMeet from home would be amazing. 

However, we at Twinkl and OneStep are never satisfied. The TeachMeet went well, but Google Meet can only do so much. With so many people on the call, only the speakers can talk. The chat is public, people can't have a private conversation.

So then what do we use? We want this service to be free for teachers, easy to access, and as good as attending a physical TeachMeet.

A Potential Solution

On Thursday 12th September at 6pm, we are going to show 3 of our TeachMeet videos from Thursday 29th August: Mark Heaton (Behaviour Management), Sue Jackson (Managing Workload) and Brad Nash (Positive Behaviour for Learning). And we are going to do it via Virbela, a free software where you create an avatar and attend a presentation in a virtual world. 

Not only will you be able to see the presentations, but you will be able to chat to other teachers via a much better chat bot, having private conversations as well as public ones.

Download Virbela here - it's completely free.

Be part of the next generation of TeachMeets, learn something new from the comfort of your own home, and interact with other teachers remotely. We hope to see you this Thursday from 6pm in Virbela for an EdTech event not to be missed. 


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